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Corporate Event Planning in North Vancouver, BC 

Events are a great way to accomplish many goals for your business in North Vancouver, BC. They come in many forms like Holiday Parties, team building events, Fundraising galas, and can even be used for marketing with things like customer appreciation events, marketing events, trade shows and more. 

The problem is that often event planners get overwhelmed by the details of event they are planning but it does not have to be hard. Just like anything else it is important to complete any task one step at a time.

So to help you with that I have put together a page to help you with planning your corporate event planning in North Vancouver, BC.

Before you start here is a useful tool for planning your holiday party in North Vancouver, BC:

So without further ado: How to Plan A Corporate Event in North Vancouver, BC!

Like anything Corporate event planning starts with a process. The Corporate event planning process does not have to be hard and the goal of this page is to help make it a little easier!

One key for any corporate event begins with the time frame you have. In many areas venues book up fast so when planning an event in North Vancouver, BC it is important to think first about your timing!

1. Timing for your Corporate Event Planning in North Vancouver, BC

The timing of your event is key. This includes the date you will host the event and the time you have for planning and execution. Corporate events are usually held in the holiday season, or mid-year during the warmer months. This can cause issues with availability of venues, entertainers and caterers. Try to plan your event around major holidays and avoid clashes with large sporting events or anything else that’s going on in your local community.

Some corporate events have chosen to expand their calendars and do events in October, January and March – Why do you ask? well there is a lot less competition for venues and entertainers at that time in many communities and your company can avoid getting gouged with busy season pricing from vendors. 

Some corporate events are planned up to 12 months ahead of the big day. While there’s no strict rules surrounding how early you should start planning, it’s recommended that you have your catering, entertainment, and all rental services finalized at least eight weeks in advance. This can assure you a fantastic event and avoid many last minute hiccups.

Event Planning in {City}
Corporate Event Planning in {City}
Event Planning in {City}

2. Budget… it really is everything for your Corporate Event Planning in North Vancouver, BC!

Every aspect of your planning will be based largely around a budget without a decent budget your event will not have what it needs to succeed. Events should not be looked at as a cost but as an investment. No matter the type of event you have the chance to build a relationship and profit from either happier staff or happier customers. It is time to turn those staff or customers into raving fans of what you do!  When you know exactly how much you have available to spend, you will be able to prioritize certain elements of your Corporate Event Planning in North Vancouver, BC.

Keep in mind the costs can fluctuate between planning and final billing. Try to confirm your larger costs well in advance with contracts, such as entertainment, catering, venue, and equipment hire. all professionals will have contracts stating the things included with the type of vendor.

Keeping some extra money aside will ensure that nothing derails your Corporate Event Planning at the very last minute.

One thing that many companies over look during the holiday season is doing joint events with other companies to keep costs down. For instance if you do a joint event with another company of the same size that can half the costs of the venue and entertainment! Of course this does make the Corporate Event Planning a little bit harder but it can be a huge savings and make a much better event for networking and building relationships!

3. Venue… Location Location Location! It is super important for your Corporate Event Planning in North Vancouver, BC

The venue is one of the most important aspects of event planning! With a good venue you are a step ahead for a good event! the first step is to think of how many people will be in attendance. For a holiday party will your staffs spouses/partners or event kids be invited?

So the first step is to make a guest list!

You need to think about the people you’re inviting before you pick a venue location. Otherwise, you may get caught in a situation where you have to limit your guest list because of venue capacity limitations or you have a huge space for ten people. Neither of these things is optimal!

Think about the location once you know who is coming and narrow in on a convenient spot for everyone. You may want to choose a venue that is close to head office or the place where most of your attendees are located. You would probably want to select a city that is easily accessible from a major airport if you have people flying in from around the country for a major event. Choosing a general location can also help you narrow down
the list of potential venues.

Different types of events call for vastly different venues. A conference room at a convention centre would be a great option for professional networking, team training events, holiday parties or customer appreciation events for instance. A local amusement park, a hotel room with access to a pool, or a picnic shelter at a local park may be best suited for a children’s party, on the other hand. Choosing the venue has a lot to do with what you plan on doing. this is important to keep in mind when Corporate Event Planning in North Vancouver, BC

Think about your event’s  feel

Every event has a slightly different feel and while choosing a venue, you should look for a space that emphasizes the theme or feel you want to create. A classic, elegant corporate gala might require you to rent a historic home, a museum setting, or a grand ballroom in a luxury hotel. A more casual staff party in contrast, may be hosted in a friend’s backyard or an edgy industrial-type setting. It depends on your event and feel of what you want to have!

Event Planning in {City}
Event Planning in {City}
Event Planning in {City}
Event Planning in {City}
Event Planning in {City}
Event Planning in {City}

4. Entertainment for when you are planning a Corporate event in North Vancouver, BC

Entertainment is one area where you can afford to be flexible and creative. The only real rule is that you should avoid inappropriate or controversial entertainment that could reflect poorly on your company and the management team. Safe Clean Fun!

Some great entertainment ideas for corporate events include:

  • A hypnotist or comedian…. AND NOW FOR A SHAMELESS PLUG!…. –
  • Impersonators.
  • A magic show. – Family friendly of course and of course that is one more thing I do! –
  • A cover band or local band.
  • A live game show that brings attendees up on stage for interaction.
  • A variety show or local stage production.

Don’t assume that you can simply hire a DJ and let guests take care of themselves… It will be awkward when Frank from the mail room is twerking on the CEO’s table. . Music is not for everyone and different types are for different people and create different moods. Having a fully planned entertainment spot will make your event unforgettable.

5. Catering never forget the food for events in North Vancouver, BC

You could have the perfect venue that provides plenty of space and a perfect setting. Entertainment could be all sorted out with a live band or even a stage hypnosis show. Timing and budget could be planned to perfection.

But… If at this point, you fail to get the catering right, your whole event could fall down the tubes.

Professional catering is a must when planning corporate events no meals by the good old church ladies… You need to think about the time of day your event will be held, and whether you need to serve a full meal or snacks throughout the day. You could have a sit down meal if your event leans towards formal, or, you could set up a buffet table, allowing attendees to serve themselves at mealtime. Heck even a food truck could be used for an outdoors customer appreciation event.

Whatever you do, make sure that the food is impressive and suited to the occasion.